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Full text of "The Morphology And Evolution Of The Apes And Man"

THE NEKVOUS  SYSTEM                  307
Anterior Crural Nerve (A.C.N.),
Chimpanzee and Orang: LI, L2, L3.
Gorilla:  L1-L4  (Eisler) ;  L1-L3 (Ruge) ; L2-
L4 (Hepburn). Gibbon: L2-4.
Lateral Cutaneous Nerve (E.C.N.).
In all Apes the origins recorded are LI and L2 or L2 and L3.
Obturator Nerve (O.N.).-
Chimpanzee and Gorilla : L1-L3 or L2-L4. Orang : Ll and L2 ; Gibbon: L3 and L4.
Superior Gluteal Nerve (S.G.N.).
Arises from the lumbo-sacral cord or from the cord and SI.
Inferior Gluteal Nerve (I.G.N.).
Chimpanzee:   L4,   SI,   82;   Gorilla:   Lumbo-sacral cord and SI.
Great Sciatic Nerve (G.S.N.).
Chimpanzee  and  Gorilla :   Lumbo-sacral  cord,
SI, 82. Orang:   L3, L4, SI,  S2   (Hepburn);   L2,  SI
Small Sciatic Nerve (S.S.N.).
Chimpanzee:   L3,   L4,   SI    (Champneys) ;    S2
(Sonntag). Gorilla: SI, 82 (Eisler).
Pudendal Nerve (Pud.N.).
Chimpanzee: S2 (Bolk, Sonntag). Gorilla: S13 S2 (Eisler).
Gibbon:   Thoraco-lumbar nerves XIX and XX (Kohlbriigge). 
Nerve to Obturator Internus (O.I.).
Chimpanzee: Tibial nerve (Bolk); SI, 82 (Hepburn) ; 82 (Sonntag). Gorilla: 81, 82. Orang :  SI, 82. Gibbon: SI, S3.